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How is pH controlled in Pooled Energy pools?

One major advantage of Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry is tat you normally do not have to. With Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry, most pools naturally settle within the desired […]

What is Advanced Water Chemistry?

To understand Advanced Water Chemistry, you need to compare it with what is done in conventional pools. Conventional Pool Water Chemistry Conventional pool chemistry, as widely used in the Pool […]

What chemicals should I add to a Pooled Energy pool?

Please DON’T EVER ADD ANY CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND TO THE POOL UNLESS WE ASK YOU. This is an automatic system that needs to be left to operate by itself as […]

What chemicals does Pooled Energy supply as part of the annual supply?

We supply the proprietary chemicals used for our Advanced Water Chemistry for a fee based on your actual usage.  These will typically be added to your pool by our staff […]

How can I Soften the Water?

Softening pool water is done by adding Magnesium Chloride.  This also reduces the build-up of Calcium on chlorinator plates. Pooled Energy often uses Magnesium Chloride as a minor additive to […]

What if I have a pool party and want extra filtration and chlorination?

You probably won’t need any.  Your new automatic system will manage the pool beautifully in most circumstances without intervention.   If you do want additional filtration and/or chlorination, just select […]

What chemical parameters does Pooled Energy control in the pool?

Pooled Energy controls: Salt level (to make sure the chlorinator is working correctly). Calcite Saturation Index (to protect the paint, pool surface and concrete shell of your pool). pH if […]

What do I do if I find faecal matter in the pool?

Please follow these steps to remove faecal matter from the pool and disinfect the water:- Close the pool to swimmers (include signage). Wear plumber’s disposable gloves. Use a leaf scoop/net […]

What really happens with the sanitizer (chlorine) levels throughout a typical day?

In Pooled Energy pools, the control system works to keep sanitiser levels within tight operational limits throughout the day. Contrast this with a conventional, manually operated chlorine pool.  In most […]

What should I do with my old chemicals after installation of your system?

Please dispose of any copper-base algaecide immediately and safely or ask our installation technician to remove them for you. Dispose of any old liquid chlorine down the sewer…it is not effective […]

How is pH controlled in conventional swimming pools?

pH in conventional chemistry swimming pools is controlled by adding acid and alkali to the pool.  The amount of additive must be carefully calculated and test kits and ready reckoners […]

What is pH?

  pH is the acid/alkali balance in the water and is a logarithmic scale.  pH 7 is neutral.  pH 6 has 10 times more acid (literally hydrogen ions) in the […]

What do I do if I get a patch of green growth in my pool?

Small patches of green or black algae are prone to form in shallow areas exposed to sunlight where pool sweeps do not reach, such as steps and areas of poor […]

Do I have to add Chemicals or Salt to the Water?

You do NOT need to test the water.    You do need to add chemicals and salt when we ask you, but only then.  Please do not add any chemicals […]

Acid Storage

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE MAY STORE PHYSICAL POOL ACID IN A TANK for automatic dispensing in a small number of pools. This is normal practice for swimming pools and we […]

Do I have to remove calcium deposits from the chlorinator as I do now?

If you have an old style chlorinator that is not self-cleaning, then, unfortunately yes, but not as often as before.  If you have a self-cleaning chlorinator, then you should not […]

Test Kits for Advanced Water Chemistry

Retail pool conventional chemistry test kits and strips may not react correctly with the different chemicals used in Advanced Water Chemistry.  Further, these kits recommend target values appropriate to conventional […]

Why do I want Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry?

  Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry has been developed to provide:- Superior water quality Effective sanitation Significantly reduced chemical consumption Reduced electricity consumption Lower running costs Easier pool management Paired […]

Do I have to test the water and add chemicals or salt myself

  You do NOT need to test the water. You do need to add chemicals and salt when we ask you, but only then.  Please do not add any chemicals […]

How is pH controled in those few pools that need it despite Advanced Water Chemistry?

  pH control may be needed in some pools, especially those with very active, alkaline surfaces, such as new Marblesheen or Quartzon surfaces. For these, Pooled Energy uses conventional automatic acid […]