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You do NOT need to test the water.

You do need to add chemicals and salt when we ask you, but only then.  Please do not add any chemicals of any kind unless we specifically ask you.  Please only add the requested amounts.  We will advise you by email or SMS, when, what and how much chemical to add.

If you do not wish to do add chemicals yourself, please ask us and we will be happy to do it for you for an additional charge. Generally, the quantities required are small and it is usually more economical for you to add these than for us to charge you for the travel and dispensing.

Additions of chemicals to the pool are in 3 groups:-

1. Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC).  The chemicals used for AWC are provided to you once a year, and there is a charge based on your actual use.  One dose is typically enough for a year however, we may supply you with more than you need so that there is some spare for a ‘top-up’ if required.  Top-ups can be caused by heavy raid and excess dilution. We will set up the pool for you when we install the Intelligent Pool Controller, however, in subsequent years, please add the AWC chemicals yourself and follow the instructions on the packet.

            2. Salt.  You will need to replenish salt from time-to-time to replace that lost by splashing, rain and backwashing.  We will generally advise you with a long period of notice so that you can make additions at your convenience.

Pooled Energy senses the level of salt in your pool.  Our normal target level is 6,000 ppm where the taste is pleasant but discernible and where electrolytic chlorination is highly efficient.  Some pool owners prefer 4,500 ppm where the taste is generally not perceptible but chlorination uses a little more electricity.  Please let us know if you have a preference.

Salt must be topped up at 3,000 ppm.  The best time to get salt to 6,000 ppm is at the beginning of summer so that you have its benefit through the hot months.  If it drops off to under 3,500 in winter, the effect is much less noticeable.

            3. Other chemicals. Other chemicals are seldom needed but could include buffer, stabiliser, phosphate remover (following run-off into the pool).

NEVER add any copper-based algaecide to the pool as you may damage the sensors. Warranty does not apply in this case