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Small patches of green or black algae are prone to form in shallow areas exposed to sunlight where pool sweeps do not reach, such as steps and areas of poor water circulation. It is important to regularly brush these areas to prevent build-up of biofilms which can harbour algae and protect them from disinfection.  If necessary, please sprinkle a small amount of powdered chlorine (calcium hypochlorite) on any such patches.

Many pools have badly placed Return-to-Pool outlets resulting in “dead zones,” with insufficient circulation of water.  These are unfortunately common, especially on swim-outs, stairs and other flat surfaces where the pool sweep and/or the chlorinated water cannot reach adequately.

If you find persistent problems with algae, please contact us and we will adjust the operation of your pool to a more intensive chlorination and circulation cycle which can reduce the issue.

Algae patches are typically the result of equipment failure or water-flow blockage.