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What is added to My Pool Equipment with a Pooled Energy System?

Pooled Energy supplies and installs electronic water quality sensors and a poolside automation system known as an Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC).  Your existing pool equipment:- filter pump, chlorinator, pool sweep, […]

Why should I sign up with Pooled Energy?

If you have a pool, you should sign up for big improvements in energy use, quality of water and leisure time from pool chores Pooled Energy supplies a bundle of […]

What is the Price of Pooled Energy’s Electricity?

 Pooled Energy’s Electricity prices depend on:- The type of meter you have:- Time-of-Use (which varies with peak, shoulder and of-peak times), or Anytime (which is the same price during the […]

What are the relative performances of Solar, Gas, Electric Pool Heaters?

In pool heaters, size and type matter a great deal. Solar Our experience with many installations is that solar heaters can generally heat a pool by 2-3 degrees Celsius on […]

What about the Storage Batteries for my house?

Your Pooled Energy system is Battery Ready and is designed to integrate with both Home Storage Systems and Grid Storage Systems. A Pooled Energy system can integrate with batteries, and […]