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What is added to My Pool Equipment with a Pooled Energy System?

Pooled Energy supplies and installs electronic water quality sensors and a poolside automation system known as an Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC).  Your existing pool equipment:- filter pump, chlorinator, pool sweep, […]

Why should I sign up with Pooled Energy?

If you have a pool, you should sign up for big improvements in energy use, quality of water and leisure time from pool chores Pooled Energy supplies a bundle of […]

What are the relative performances of Solar, Gas, Electric Pool Heaters?

In pool heaters, size and type matter a great deal. Solar Our experience with many installations is that solar heaters can generally heat a pool by 2-3 degrees Celsius on […]

What is the Price of Pooled Energy’s Electricity?

 Pooled Energy’s Electricity prices depend on:- The type of meter you have:- Time-of-Use (which varies with peak, shoulder and of-peak times), or Anytime (which is the same price during the […]

Connecting Gas and Electric pool heaters

In most cases, you should connect your existing pool heater to the Pooled Energy Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC).  This will enable us to integrate the heater correctly and manage it […]