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All questions in Choice of Sanitisation methods: Salt, Chlorine, Ozone, UV, Bionisers and others

What about superchlorination?

Superchlorination or “Chlorine Shock” treatment is widely used in the pool industry to get rid of chloramines that accumulate in the water from the action of chlorine on human bodies, […]

What can I do if I really want fresh water and not salt?

No problem! Pooled Energy also manages fresh water pools.  However, fresh water pools require chemical dispensing systems for liquid chlorine and acid, which must be periodically topped up.  We recommend […]

What if I currently use something other than chlorine to sanitise my pool?

Pooled Energy does not recommend non-chlorine based methods of disinfection for the following reasons:- Ozone does not maintain residual disinfection in the pool, that is, they only work when they […]

What if I have Asthma and am sensitive to chlorine?

Irritation, sensitivity and chlorine odour are usually not due to chlorine but to chloramines, noxious compounds that are by-products of the disinfection action of chlorine on organic material usually brought […]