How can we help you today?

Pooled Energy helps in the following ways:

  • By significantly reducing the energy consumption of swimming pools, the Pooled Energy system reduces the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the generation of electricity.   
  • The Pooled Energy system reduces the energy consumption of your pool by:
  • Converting your filter pump to variable speed,
  • Installing sensors to allow accurate control,
  • Using advanced software to run the pool equipment most efficiently,
  • Optimising filtration and chlorination in real time in response to time of day, time of year, water chemistry, swimming activity and the weather.
  • For systems with solar PV or thermal panels, the Pooled Energy system can use Weather Bureau information to decide whether solar power or Grid power is better used depending on the weather, thus improving the utilisation and financial return of the solar panels,
  • Minimising chemicals to make for more comfortable, safer swimming. (Chemicals usually require significant energy to produce and transport. The reduction of chemical consumption for swimming pools can, therefore, be a significant environmental benefit as well as a consumer benefit.)
  • Reducing operating stress on pool equipment, which should extend its operating life and reduce replacements.
  • Reducing stress on the Electricity Grid in multiple ways (described below)
  • Being battery ready for home-storage systems.  The availability of these systems will improve the effectiveness of renewable energy systems such as solar PV.