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Summary of Cost Savings for the Customer in the Pooled Energy System

There are several types of financial savings that customers derive from using Pooled Energy to manage their swimming pools. There are also a range of non-financial benefits. Financial Benefits Reductions […]

How are the estimated savings calculated?

All our savings estimates are calculated using a typical (reference) pool (see below for details). Of course, all pools are different and need to be assessed individually, but, based on […]

How can I evaluate your Offer?

If you purchase a Pooled Energy system via the Internet web-site or phone, we will ask you to respond to a questionnaire with details of your pool, its equipment and […]

What happens if I sell the house?

As with conventional pool equipment, the equipment stays with the house.  Our contract with you requires you to offer the Electricity and Pool Services to the new owner under the […]

Is there an exit fee if I terminate my Contract?

If you do terminate your Contract with us during the first year following the installation of your new equipment, there is an exit fee as described in the Consent form […]

I am building a new pool or house with a new pool. Am I still eligible?

Subject to site inspection and approval, all you have to do to obtain a Pooled Energy system is agree to use Pooled Energy for your house electricity from when you […]

I rent my property to tenants. I know that they are not eligible to sign a contract for a Pooled Energy system installed at my house, but can I and should I use Pooled Energy?

You can have a Pooled Energy system and there are substantial benefits for you as the owner of a rental property. Under most residential leases, the owner is required to […]

How long does the contract continue?

The Contract is for bundled Electricity and Pool Services (subject to certain rights of both parties to terminate), but with no exit fee after the first year of Pool Services.  […]