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If you are building a new pool as part of a new house, you can still have a Pooled Energy system.

We will provide a very competitive price to provide and install all the core pool equipment (filter, pump, sensors, chlorinator, the Intelligent Pool Controller, and start-up chemicals) with our offer. Non-core equipment such as heaters and pool sweeps can also be provided at additional cost. You can also purchase some or all of this pool equipment from your pool builder if you wish, but you will get a better, more integrated system if you get it all from Pooled Energy.   since so much of the control functionality is already built into the Pooled Energy system, you could save $5,000= compared with the closest (and less capable) conventional alternative….and get a much less expensive pool to operate with much higher quality water


Please call us on 1300 364 703 to discuss.


If you are planning to build a new pool, please refer to our FAQs under “Designing a New Pool” for a specification as to how to build a functional, energy efficient pool.