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If you own a rented property with a pool, a Pooled Energy system can bring you higher rental returns and make the tenant happier and ‘stickier.”   It does this by reducing overall costs substantially, eliminating the need for a regular ‘pool guy’ and greatly improving the quality of the water

How does it work?

Pooled Energy is an Energy Management company that services residential (single and multi-dwelling) properties with swimming pools. We supply a bundled service of electricity for the residence, on-line monitoring and management of the pool water, automation of the swimming pool equipment, and energy management and reduction.

Pools use about 40% of the total electricity of the average house with pool and up to 80% of the total electricity of houses that are rented only part of the year. In addition, pools typically consume from $400 -$1,000 in chemicals a year, depending on the pool set-up and often require a regular pool technician for water quality maintenance. This servicing can often cost $1,200 to $3,500 p.a. depending on the frequency of visits and required chemicals. These costs are generally paid by the owner in short-term leases and by the tenant in long-term leases.

Over and under-servicing are common issues as servicing is typically based on scheduled visits rather than actual pool requirements. There are also significant costs (and hassle) that can be incurred s a result of the tenants being inexperienced, inattentive and/or disinterested in the pool and its equipment. These can cause significant damage to the pool or its equipment, requiring expensive repairs that require considerable management time.

A partial alternative to regular ‘pool guy’ services is conventional, sensor-based automation, ‘operated’ by the tenant and supported by the pool shop. This runs at $5,000-$8,000 in capital cost but, paradoxically, can increase technician support costs due to complexity and faults. A better and much less costly alternative is more advanced automation bundled with on-line monitoring and management.

Pooled Energy provides a bundled service which:-

1. Includes a sensor and automation package for the pool for $330 up-front.

2. A large reduction in the electricity consumption of the pool. This is often as much as 30% of the total house and pool consumption in long-term rentals and up to 50% in short-term holiday rentals.

3. Manages the pool energy consumption and water chemistry remotely, for $804 p.a.

4. Maintains the Intelligent Pool Controller supplied with the automation.

5. Allows monitoring and manual override using a Smartphone or Tablet App for the Owner, Tenant and Managing Agent. The Pool App provides notification of issues such as poor water flow, failure of equipment to operate or water chemistry out-of-range. The Pooled Energy Network Response Centre provides email notifications in the event of equipment failures or water chemistry problems.

6. Provides replenishment of the requisite, specialised Pooled Energy dry powder chemicals, once or twice a year, depending on the amount of water loss from the pool, at an average cost of ~$120 each. Other than salt, no other chemicals, including acid, are required in the great majority of salt-water chlorinated pools. Over 90% of pools are salt chlorinated.

7. Upgrades, repairs and maintains filters, pumps, chlorinators, pool sweeps and heaters on an as required basis at additional, competitive cost with expert personnel.

8. The tasks that remain are generally :-

a. The tenant/gardeners or cleaners must remove leaves etc. from the skimmers and pool cleaner or filter pump strainer, maintain the water level, and brush “stagnant” pool like steps, where there is limited circulation or the pool sweep cannot reach.

b. A ~ 4 minute semi-automated pool filter backwash (which is a simple process) every ~4 weeks in summer and every couple of months across the winter, when requested by Pooled Energy.

c. Add salt to the pool water typically just once or twice a year when asked. Pooled Energy can do this at additional cost but most pool owners prefer to pick up their own in-expensive salt at a hardware store and add it themselves.

9. A regular, specialised pool technician to manage the water, is no longer required.

Pooled Energy also provides Demand Management services for the electricity grid to mitigate the intermittency of Renewable Energy generation. We manage the combined electricity demand of pools in such a way as to help stabilise the electricity grid and do it in a way that has no adverse effect on the owner. In fact, it is generally undetectable. To do this, Pooled Energy is also an electricity retailer. It is fully authorised to sell electricity in NSW, Queensland, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania, but is currently operating in NSW only. It sells electricity at the average, undiscounted market price of the three big Retailers (Energy Australia, Origin and AGL), which currently account for some 90% of the State. Pooled Energy does not offer discounts, but saves:-

• from 30%-50% of the total electricity of the house and pool,
• 3x-5x in chemicals,
• Eliminates the need for a regular pool technician,
• Avoids the need for complex automation often costing $5,000+ and its maintenance,
• Minimises wear and tear on the pool structure and equipment,
• Produces spectacular, reliable healthier water.

Contract Arrangements

The owner signs a contract with Pooled Energy for a minimum of 1 year. The owner pays for the Pooled Energy service and the electricity,  and then bills the tenant for these costs as outgoings. This condition needs to be added to the standard lease.

Please call us to discuss on 1300 364 703.