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Can I have a Pooled Energy Mineral (magnesium) pool instead of a salt pool?

Yes. Magnesium or ‘Mineral’ pools use Magnesium Chloride as the active chlorinator agent rather than sodium chloride (common salt). There is a small extra charge each year for replenishing the […]

What is Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry

To understand Advanced Water Chemistry, you need to compare it with what is done in conventional pools. Conventional Pool Water Chemistry Conventional pool chemistry is complicated and difficult to manage […]

You claim the pool water is much cleaner. Is this really true?

Yes, the pool water is genuinely cleaner for most of our pools and there are some very good reasons. We use a superior Advanced Water Chemistry together with optimal flow […]

Do I have to test the water and add chemicals myself?

You do NOT need to test the water.  You do need to add chemicals and salt when we ask you, but only then.  Please do not add any chemicals of any […]

My Pool technician tests the pool regularly. Why is your system better than that?

Pool chemistry is constantly changing.  In particular, with conventional chemistry pools, pH can move out of acceptable ranges in just a day or two. Chlorine levels often drop rapidly during […]

Why do I want Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry?

Pooled Energy’s Advanced Water Chemistry has been developed to provide:- Superior water quality Effective sanitation Significantly reduced chemical consumption Reduced electricity consumption Lower running costs Easier pool management Paired with […]