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All questions in What is the Pooled Energy System and Why Should I Sign Up?

What is added to My Pool Equipment with a Pooled Energy System?

Pooled Energy supplies and installs electronic water quality sensors and a poolside automation system known as an Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC).  Your existing pool equipment:- filter pump, chlorinator, pool sweep, […]

Why should I sign up with Pooled Energy?

If you have a pool, you should sign up for big improvements in energy use, quality of water and leisure time from pool chores.  You also will no longer need […]

Does Pooled Energy have a technology advantage?

Yes!   Pooled Energy is all about using new, breakthrough technology.  Pooled Energy’s technology was developed specifically for this project over 8 years and with over $30 million of R&D […]

Is the system difficult to operate?

No! Like all great technology, it is largely automatic and invisible to the user and you have little to do. The system is automated. Generally, what you have to do […]