How It Works - Engineered to Save

Your pool will be automated using equipment whose less-capable nearest equivalents would cost over $5,000, together with additional, continual management via the Internet.  Your pool will be upgraded with an Intelligent Pool Controller, true variable-speed pumping for the filter, water quality and electricity sensors, and communications to our Network Operating Centre.  This equipment is a ‘sensor and control layer’ placed on top of your existing pool equipment, which does not change in most cases.  You will also receive an Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC) set-up.

Instead of running on time clocks, your pool operations will now be set up considering the time-of-day, time-of-year, swimming activity, water quality, the costs and prices of electricity and the technical state of the electricity grid, the weather and the sun on your PV panels or solar heater.  Our offer is for a bundle of electricity for your home and automated swimming pool services.  Whilst there are significant savings in energy, chemicals and time, you will also enjoy an automated, smarter, healthier pool with less hassle and spectacular water quality.


Our Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) is compatible with most common pool equipment.  We simply install the IPC and sensors and plug your existing equipment into the IPC to monitor, manage and control.  Other elements of your pool system can be plugged directly into our IPC or managed and switched remotely with our “Smart Switches”.  This enables the IPC to control other pool and non-pool related devices wirelessly, and enables you to manage via the App.  The sensors monitor water quality and flow and power data to make smart decisions on pool pump and chlorination running.

The IPC includes control of the pump to deliver truly variable speed pumping based on pool requirements.  Only backwashing will utilize maximum power, whilst daily filtering, where water flow and chlorination is effective, will run at low speeds that drastically reduce energy usage and enable improved water quality, lower noise and improved lifetime of your system components.

The NOC – our network operating centre

Your IPC is connected to our Network Operating Centre (NOC) wirelessly through a secure VPN.  Our NOC is connected to the energy market, meter data providers and the weather bureau enabling optimal decision making for running the pool cost-effectively, whilst maintaining control of water quality.  The NOC is able to identify any issues, or potential issues with the operation of your pool.  It is able to detect when water flow is low, which without intervention may lead to a pump failure.  It also enables the team to identify if you need additional salt or need to do a backwash.  Because water quality is being monitored the NOC will also reveal a deterioration in the chlorinator.  The professional customer service team are able to contact customers proactively and identify issues before the pool turns green, and enabling customers or us to take action to avoid further issues.  This is how long term maintenance can be reduced.

Whilst the system is maximized by the IPC having access to the NOC, the IPC is capable of continuing to operate effectively in local or remote mode if there are any Wi-Fi failures for any reason.  The good news is the team will identify that there is a connectivity issue, and will contact customers to advise and help take corrective action.


A NEW low maintenance approach to pool chemistry for high quality, low maintenance swimming water.

The Offer

Pooled Energy’s bundled supply of household electricity, energy management and pool services.


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