Green Pool Solution

Yes? We can stop your pool from going green. Firstly a simple lesson on why your pool goes green to help you understand how we’ll fix it.

Your water is green because algae is growing in it. Mostly it grows because you don’t have enough Chlorine in the water or the pH of the water is so high it has deactivated the Chlorine. If algae can grow, so too can bacteria, viruses and other nasties.

If you are using heaps of liquid or powdered chlorine or running your salt chlorinator very long hours and it is still struggling, your chemistry is almost certainly out of control. Badly managed pools can use up to 33x more chlorine than they need to.

Why are my levels wrong?

Most pool owners (or their pool guys) only test the water once or twice a month. The chlorine and pH vary daily though, and chlorine can halve in just 35 minutes in strong sunlight. Not surprisingly pools frequently get out of whack and you get a green pool. To correctly manage a pool you need automation and correctly calibrated sensors that continually measure water conditions and adjust accordingly.

Our Solution

We install a completely automated pool management system which we monitor and optimise over the Internet. We install sensors that monitor your water and every 2 minutes feed the data to our network operations centre online. We add a sensor and control layer your pool equipment to the Internet so that we can remotely control it.

The end result is that instead of your pool water being tested monthly (at best), it’s being continually tested and adjusted. This automation and our Advanced Water Chemistry means that your pool doesn’t go green, while saving large amounts of electricity, chemicals, your time and ‘pool boy’ support..

Are there any other benefits?

Great question. Yes, our solution also:

  • Reduces the power consumption of your pool, often by 50% or more
  • Results in spectacular, comfortable water with fewer chemicals
  • Eliminates the regular pool guy in most cases
  • Eliminates the need to add pool acid in most pools
  • Eliminates testing and regular chemical additions

Sounds great, how much does it cost?

  • We charge $67/month for our service, plus
  • An establishment fee of $330, plus whatever chemicals your size pool needs
  • BUT you’ll save via substantially lower power usage, not paying your pool guy, less equipment maintenance and reduced pool chemicals.

Ok, I’d like to sign up

Right now we’re installing throughout metropolitan Sydney. If this is you sign up now.

If you’re outside this area, contact us and we’ll keep you posted when we bring your location online.