Tired Of Looking After Your Swimming Pools Water?

Keeping your swimming pools water crystal clear is a surprisingly complex task. There’s a lot of chemistry involved. pH, Chlorine, Salt, ORP, Stabilizers, Algaecides, Acid’s and Alkali’s.

All of the chemicals interact with each other. It’s not just as simple as setting each one at the right level. Change one thing and you’ll effect another. So it’s not surprising it’s hard to get it right.

The problem is you’re probably using old technology

And it’s not just you. Your pool guy and pool shop are probably doing the same thing. You’re manually, infrequently testing the water when conditions change constantly. The test kits being used are the same ones we had in the 70’s!

Your heater stops running when the house is warm. Why does your pool filter keep on going when the water is clean?

The Pooled Energy Solution

  1. We install sensors to constantly monitor your pools water chemistry
  2. We connect your pool to the Internet so we can read the data and control your pumps
  3. We use an algorithm to optimise the operation of filters, pumps and chlorinators for optimum performance
  4. We use Advanced Water Chemistry for truly superior water
  5. We eliminate the regular ‘pool guy’
  6. We reduce total household electricity usage by up to 21% for the average house and pool

The result

  1. No more manual water testing – ever
  2. You neither need a pool guy nor have to add chemicals to your pool yourself
  3. We save you money in reduced power consumption, chemical costs, pool service fees and equipment maintenance