Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

You’re not alone. Swimming pool water chemistry is really complex. With conventional chemistry, semi-automated system or manual dosing, a great deal of effort or cost, or both are required to keep clean water when the conditions keep changing:

  • Sunlight that breaks down the chemicals, halving chlorine in as little as 35 minutes in strong UV
  • Dirt and animal droppings are added
  • Sweat and sunscreens enter on the swimmers
  • Leaves and grass clippings are blown in

Unattended your pool will always end up looking like a murky pond. Getting the right balance of chemicals for sparkling clear water is hard.  Your water should be almost invisible when correctly managed

We’ve assembled an expert team of Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Engineers, Pool Builders, Electricians and Computer Whiz’s to solve this problem, spending $20M in R&D over 7 years

Our Solution

We install a completely automated pool management system: an Intelligent Pool Controller,  water quality and power sensors that monitor youe water every 2 minutes and manage your pool remotely from the Internet cloud. Best of all, we use an improved Advanced Water Chemistry that greatly reduces the amount of pool chemicals required (we have seen reductions of over 30x), and eliminate pool acid in most cases

The end result is that instead of your pool water being tested monthly (at best), it’s being continually managed . Your pool equipment operating schedules are then constantly adjusted to match the conditions, maintaining a perfect chemical balance for clear water.

Are there any other benefits?

Great question. Yes, our solution also:

  • Reduces the power consumption of your pool, often by 50% or more
  • Results in spectacular, comfortable water with  fewer chemicals
  • Eliminates  the regular pool guy in most cases
  • Eliminates the need to add pool acid in most pools
  • Eliminates testing and regular chemical additions

Sounds great, how much does it cost?

  • We charge $67/month for our service, plus
  • An establishment fee of $330, plus whatever chemicals your size pool needs
  • BUT you’ll save via substantially lower power usage, not paying your pool guy, less equipment maintenance and reduced pool chemicals.

Ok, I’d like to sign up

Right now we’re installing throughout metropolitan Sydney. If this is you sign up now.

If you’re outside this area, contact us and we’ll keep you posted when we bring your location online.