Optimised for reduced power consumption

Most pools in use today were built before electricity became expensive and climate change became a problem. Swimming Pools are large consumers of power operating less efficiently than they should. Why? Installation time and cost pressures, complexities in varying flow rates and the disconnect between the people installing the pool equipment and those that are responsible for ongoing operating costs.

We’ve spent years testing, measuring and optimising swimming pools to improve their energy efficiency. The result is a series of mechanical and control changes that combined, reduce the energy consumption of your pool whilst at the same time improving water quality.

Less bends

 Larger pipes

 Upgraded filter




Cars drive through sweeping bends faster than hard right angle turns. Water is the same, and the slower it goes the more power your pool uses.

We re-plumb your pool equipment to get bends to a minimum.

Water moves through large pipes more easily than small pipes. We ensure the optimum pipe size is used when we re-plumb.We replace old compacted sand that is most often past its used by date with glass media. Glass is more effective at capturing dirt allowing for reduced filtration times.

Supersized chlorinator

Daily monitoring


Variable speed pumping


We install a larger chlorinator that makes the same amount of chlorine in a smaller amount of time. Reducing the required hours of pumping and hence your pools power consumption.Most pools blindly run on the same  schedule, with only manual changes for summer and winter.

We monitor the water daily and match the pump time to only what the water actually needs.

Filtering your pool water doesn’t need a big pump. Backwashing your filter does. Most pools use a single speed pump sized for backwashing.

We slow your pump down while filtering. Power use drops away much faster than water flow rate, in doing so vastly improving energy efficiency.


We often see a reduction of 60% or more in swimming pool power consumption when we connect customers to our system.