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I would just like to provide some positive feedback to your office and field staff. (more…)

I have been clearing leaves etc but nothing else. Had a great swim yesterday and you (more…)

I am delighted with the complete transformation of my pool and the service of the Pooled (more…)

I have been extremely happy with the decision to use Pooled Energy. The pool has been (more…)

First time in 20 years that it’s maintained easily, with crystal clear water day in and (more…)

I can honestly say that since switching to Pooled Energy the pool has never looked better (more…)

Very happy with the services provided by Pooled Energy. I have a constantly clean pool and (more…)

The pool has been sparkling clean since the installation of the Pooled Energy equipment. (more…)

It is very cost effective and transparent. They have very good


Since having the Pooled Energy automated system installed I have been




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