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Reduce energy, maintenance and chemicals.

Gain time to enjoy your perfect pool.

Reduce energy, maintenance and chemicals.

Gain time to enjoy your perfect pool.

Energy Savings

The average Australian pool represents about 40% of the total electricity consumption of the home. Pooled Energy massively reduces the energy consumed by your pool to around 10% of the total electricity consumption of the home. Additionally, save up to 50% off the pool chemicals, and most of your hassle and labour.

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Australia has

An average swimming pool uses
of household electricity

Pooled Energy can save up to
of pool electricity consumption

Which equates to a reduction of up to
on household energy consumption

Pooled Energy can save up to
on chemicals & maintenance

Solar panels and sunlight

Optimising your solar panels

Solar PV panels help with saving energy used by the pool, right? Of course, but only on the typical 109 sunny days you have on average, each year in Sydney. If you are running the pool on the usual time-clocks, you will be using expensive shoulder and peak electricity on the 129 average overcast and rainy days, wiping out the savings on the 109 sunny days 3x over. On the remaining partly-cloudy 127 days, you will get a statistical mix of solar and expensive grid power but likely more costs and no savings. Pooled Energy’s free Solar Optimiser saves you both energy and $$ by running your pool from solar power on sunny days, from off-peak on rainy days, and a statistical mix at other times.

Helping the Planet

Using 30% less household electricity means saving 1.5 tonnes of coal a year on average. Saving up to 50% of pool chemicals saves energy in making and shipping them and chemicals spilling out via backwash. Less pollution is good for all of us.

Stop chemical polution

Helping the Grid

With Pooled Energy, groups of pools are ‘pooled’ to help stabilize the Grid and run at times that helps the Grid most without any negative effect on you, your wallet or your pool. This ultimately means lower electricity costs and a more stable, reliable electricity supply with less digging up the roads to lay even more cables.

Note: benefits vary with pool and house size and appliances used.

Free Pool Inspection

Find out how Pooled Energy can reduce your energy consumption by up to 30% with a no-obligation, free Pool Inspection.

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