Our energy saving and pool automation combo saves you up to 30% OFF household power bills

that’s really skinny dipping

Unlike most power companies, Pooled Energy started with the goal of reducing electricity consumption in the home.

Best place to start? Your pool.

Your pool is the biggest drain on your bank account, electrically speaking – around 40% of your total usage. So, we designed and engineered the perfect solution for Australians with pools. Along with a switch to Pooled Energy as a power provider, we install water-quality and power-usage sensors, an Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC), implement Advanced Water Chemistry and cleverly manage this through our Network Operations Centre.

The result?

The largest breakthrough in pool management in 40 years, and it is completely customer centric, designed and developed for you.

There is also a greater good. Ultimately, our goal as power retailers is to ‘pool the pools’ which creates the future ability to stabilise the grid. In our Pooled Energy founders’ words “completely close one power station”. That very pleasing outcome is – together – we’re saving the planet, one pool at a time.

  • Save household electricity and reduce pool maintenance
  • Create a healthier, spectacularly clean pool
  • Smart control of your pool – from your smartphone App

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