Body Corporates and Strata Managers may not be aware of their Duty of Care and that most swimming pools can exist in a potentially unsafe state, particularly shared pools. Pool users, whether residents or their guests, may be exposed because many pools do not have satisfactory pool chemistry or safe chlorine levels as testing and control of the water is not continuous. The state of a pool can change from safe to unsafe in as little as 20 minutes due to chlorine depletion from solar radiation or inadequate hygiene from pool users in shared pool situations.

Many pools are also prone to algae with cloudy, uncomfortable, smelly water which requires expensive and annoying recovery processes which reduce pool availability & may require repetition.

Using a Pooled Energy System you can address these issues for a small up-front outlay while saving energy, money and the environment. This is not a discount or a subsidized offer but genuine, on-going savings made possible by New Technology that optimises your pool and its interaction with the Electricity Grid. This offer is available as a bundle of pol services, on-line continual pool management and electricity for the common services, including the pool

Enjoy really clean, correctly sanitized, comfortable water. 

Call us for an inspection and estimate of the savings for your particular pool.

Our Offer

Pooled Energy offers a fully installed smart, integrated, automated pool management system that:

  • Greatly improves the quality, appearance and health of the pool water in most pools
  • Greatly reduces pool maintenance
  • Reduces the electricity consumption
  • Uses Advanced Water Technology
  • Eliminates the use of dangerous pool acid at most sites
  • Minimises chemical use

You won’t need to test the water, worry about chemicals or need a regular pool technician in most cases – we will manage all of this for you, while reducing the electricity and chemicals you use.
Our offer includes:

  • A highly automated pool with continually monitored advanced electronic sensors
  • Variable Speed pumping for the filter
  • A Pooled Energy Pool Technician to setup the pool
  • Full monitoring & maintenance of the equipment supplied
  • Intelligent cloud-based monitoring and optimal control of your swimming pool
  • Pool App – which includes the current water temperature, ambient air temperature, pool conditions, notifications about your pool, and the ability to select a pool usage profile to help us optimise the energy usage. View this all on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Access to our Customer Support Centre
  • Your electricity supply for the shared services and swimming pool

Our Pricing

Each strata pool installation is very different, so please contact us by completing your details or call us on 1300 364 703 and we’ll dispatch one of our expert Pooled Energy customer representatives to assess your pool and discuss pricing with you.