The Problem

On the 31st of December 2016 the New South Wales Government Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) came to an end for 130,000 households. If you are affected you’re now missing out on the benefits from you solar equipment.

How to Solve it

You now need to maximize use of your solar electricity production of your house instead of sending it off to the grid. If you have a swimming pool you’re in luck as Pooled Energy have a solution that optimizes the use of your solar electricity when it’s available and uses lower cost grid electricity when it’s not, so you don’t operate equipment at the highest electricity tariff on rainy days.

What does it mean for You

Pooled Energy manages your pool equipment so that it optimizes the use of Solar PV production to operate your swimming pool. You get other benefits as well including energy savings as the Pooled Energy system significantly reduces your pool equipment energy consumption, a pool automation system, chemistry management and a Pool App for your phone to allow you to operate your pool equipment and check on your pool from your mobile phone.

How Do I get the Pooled Energy Solution

The Pooled Energy solution is currently available in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Call us on 1300 364 703