The Offer
You Pay

$330.00 Establishment Fee
incl GST

You Get

Intelligent Pool Controller (IPC) (installed).

5 water quality sensors.

Multiple electricity sensors.

True variable-speed, filter pumping.

Automatic control of your:

  • – filter pump
  • – water chemistry
  • – pool sweep or in-floor cleaner
  • – pool heater.

Pool App. For Smartphone or Tablet.

You Save

$5,000 -$8,000 on conventional, less capable automation.

You May

(some at extra cost)

Optionally control:

  • – pool fountains
  • – lights
  • – other pool equipment

Have Pooled Energy improve your filter plumbing.

Replace/upgrade defective pool equipment.

Sort out existing pool problems.

Change filter media.

Add heaters, robots, cleaners.

You Pay

$242.00 incl GST Start-Up chemicals
Average pool price.
Annual top up average pool is $119 inc delivery
Prices vary for size of pool.

You Get

Advanced Water Chemistry (AWC).

Spectacular quality, healthier water.

You Save

Your normal yearly-top up of chemicals (excludes salt).

You May

(some at extra cost)


You Pay

$67 incl GST per month

You Get

Optimised energy and chemical management.

Automatic AWC Pool Water Chemistry.

Weather-optimised solar energy use.

Maintenance of the IPC.

Advice of when to backwash optimally.

Advice as to top-up chemicals you need .

Top-ups usually 1 or 2 a year (on dilution).

Access to the friendly team at our local Call-Centre.

You Save

Reduction in energy from ~40% of total house to ~10%).

No more green pools.

$1,200-$3,500 on regular pool technician visits.

Up to 3x-10x chemicals.

Wear and tear on pool equipment & pool surface.

(Save $100s. AWC is $139 including delivery for most pools depending on size).

You May

(some at extra cost)

Ask us to repair defective pool equipment.

Contact our call centre for help or advice.

Integrated home storage batteries.

Ask us to courier the top-up chemicals.

You Pay

Electricity for the whole house at the average of undiscounted market rates of Energy Australia, Origin and AGL.

Offer and Energy Price Fact Sheets

You Get

Normal electricity but you need less of it.

You Save

Around 30% of total consumptions (varies with house).

You May

(some at extra cost)

Choose Anytime (flat) or Time-0f-Use Tariff.

Upgrade to a Smart Net Meter (no charge).

Use ‘Controlled Load’ for hot water/underfloor.

You Pay

No Charge

You Get

Groups of pools co-operating with the Grid to minimise surges and dips in the Grid.

Improve Australia’s energy efficiency.

‘Energy Pooled’ pools.

You Save

Help remove one power station from the Grid.

Help stabilise the Grid and lower everybody’s costs.

Enable and Increase the amount of renewables in the Grid.

You May

(some at extra cost)

Ask for a free audit of your energy use.

The pool owner must clean skimmers, strainers and sweep bags; keep water in the pool and backwash pool on request. Offer available as a bundle only. Conditions apply.


How do I get started?
Complete the enquiry form for a no obligation, free technical inspection of your pool!
Save up to 30% of household electricity … and enjoy an Easier, Cleaner, Smarter pool.